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Email Marketing.

We provide specialized email marketing services designed to enhance communication with patients while adhering to HIPAA standards. Our services include the development of targeted email strategies, creation of custom, branded content, management of email campaigns, and detailed reporting on engagement metrics to optimize effectiveness and ensure compliance.

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Email Strategy Development

Segmentation Strategy

Content Creation

Custom Templates


Campaign Management & Execution 

Reporting & Analytics ​

Engagement Metrics

Privacy and Security Compliance



  • Custom email templates

  • Content calendar

  • Segmentation of lists

  • Written email campaigns

  • A monthly engagement and growth report

  • HIPAA compliant communications


The email open rate for the healthcare industry, which is higher than average

Why does email marketing matter for your healthcare practice?

If staying connected with your audience and boosting customer loyalty are key goals, embracing email marketing is a must.

When customers open their inboxes, we aim to ensure your messages shine bright among the rest, capturing their attention and nurturing a stronger bond. With tailored, friendly emails that speak directly to their needs and interests, you increase the chances of engaging them more deeply, encouraging repeat visits, and fostering lasting loyalty.

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Emails with a personalized subject line receive 50% higher open rates.


Armed with information like this,  our approach to email marketing ensures your campaigns are primed for success by crafting compelling, personalized messages and strategically timing each send. We focus on growing your subscriber list, segmenting audiences to tailor messages effectively, and optimizing key elements like subject lines and call-to-action buttons.

We also enhance deliverability and track engagement metrics to refine your strategy continuously, making it easier for your messages to reach the right people at the right time. With our thoughtful and targeted email marketing efforts, we help you build meaningful connections and keep your audience engaged and informed.

Email marketing allows your messages to land directly in your customer's personal space, making it easier to maintain a consistent and comforting presence that truly resonates. 
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Local healthcare marketing,
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Patient Growth

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Client Retention

Our Resources.

Whether you're looking for blogs, articles, tips, tricks, worksheets, templates, listicles, or more, we have your quick start guide to establishing marketing for your medical practice.

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