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Projects and Portfolio.

Enhancing the UC Health Instagram Presence

Explore our Instagram marketing case study highlighting how Clyck boosted UC Health's social media engagement and viewership.


By integrating a series of branded templates customized for various post types—including fitness tips, healthy recipes, and more—we can enhance the visual appeal and consistency of their content, driving higher engagement rates across the platform.

uc health instagram
instagram post walking up steps
instagram post doctor with crossed arms
instagram post ingredients and recipe
thank you card from dentist
appointment reminder card
medical services and descriptions

Email Marketing for Dentist Office

In this case study, we successfully designed and executed a comprehensive email marketing campaign for a dental practice, aimed at enhancing patient engagement and retention. By crafting targeted messages, we can effectively communicate appointment reminders, dental health tips, and special promotions.


The campaign results in measurable increases in appointment bookings and patient interaction, showcasing the power of personalized communication in healthcare marketing.


This project not only boosts the office's operational efficiency.

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