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What makes us Clyck.

Empowering Growth and Engagement for Medical Practices

Clyck Purpose Statement

Clyck About Us

Our Purpose.

At Clyck, we're not just participating in the digital healthcare marketing game—we're changing it across the U.S. Our team lives and breathes innovation, crafting marketing strategies that don't just fill gaps—they break new ground.

Our mission? Simple: To catapult your clinic's digital presence to the top, turning patient engagement into patient enthusiasm. We make your practice the undeniable leader in your local healthcare scene. By leveraging the latest and greatest in marketing techniques, we don’t just boost your visibility—we make sure you become an integral, unforgettable part of your community.

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Our Story.

Welcome to Clyck—where our deep heritage in healthcare powers our advanced approach to digital marketing. This picture is of Noah's great grandfather, who was a doctor in Minnesota! Rooted in generations of healthcare expertise from dedicated nurses to pioneering doctors, we craft every campaign to honor the profession with empathy, innovation, and deep community commitment.

At Clyck, we are more than a digital marketing firm; we're the preferred partner for healthcare clinics across the United States. Our strategies deeply resonate within the healthcare sector, focusing on the core aspects of patient care and service enhancement. Each campaign is finely tailored, especially for Colorado’s healthcare community, aiming to elevate care standards and enhance patient engagement with precision and excellence.

Our Team.

Clyck’s team is composed of seasoned healthcare marketing experts, each focused on propelling Colorado businesses forward with tailored digital strategies. Our deep roots in the healthcare industry furnish us with a rich understanding of its unique challenges and the powerful role effective communication plays in patient care.

What sets Clyck apart is not just our marketing expertise but our commitment to real, meaningful connections. We delve deep, using our insights to help medical clinics become essential to their local communities, ensuring that even our digital strategies maintain a personal touch in healthcare. Our objective is crystal clear: to revolutionize healthcare marketing in Colorado, clinic by clinic, by building genuine relationships and boosting digital visibility.

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Digital Presence

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Patient Growth

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Client Retention


Elevate Your Clinic's Online Impact

We have over 15 years of experience building successful businesses through social media platforms, advertising, online reputation management, search engine optimization, and other effective healthcare marketing strategies to help you stand out from your competitors.

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